GPS blocker why is it needed?

Currently, on the market, there are various means of tracking people and vehicles, working through the channels GPS and GSM. GPS trackers cause a lot of inconvenience to drivers and freight forwarders, who are continuously monitored by a harsh employer. More and more people began to think about how to block the action of GPS trackers and get rid of the constant tracking, and the Internet even began to appear in the scheme of assembling homemade jammers – GPS signal suppressors. These new compact GPS jammers are plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter socket allowing you incomparable freedom of movement.

The device is designed to prevent a GPS tracker recorder from being installed or even hidden in your car. The GPS jammer prevents the GPS tracker from getting a signal from the satellite of your location. You can turn on GPS jammers only when you deviate from the set course, in this case, whoever is following you will not even suspect that you are using a GPS jammer. When you return to the set route, disable the GPS jammer and continue driving.

GPS jammer – satellite jammer

Remember that you can track your position not only with GPS devices but also with your cell phone. Also, some devices allow you to listen to your conversations even when your phone is in idle mode. We suggest you use affordable and reliable GSM cell phone jammers to counteract such devices. Cell phone tapping suppressors are installed in the negotiation and working cabinets of all self-respecting companies, which ensures the secrecy of negotiations there.

Protection from spying and eavesdropping

GPS blocker and GSM jammer – the best protection against spying and eavesdropping.
First of all, serious people, who are concerned about the safety of their meetings and negotiations, should buy a telephone jammer (or in another way – a mobile jammer). Such jammer GSM signals block any radio frequencies within a radius of 30 meters if you have it stationary. In this case, if you decide to buy a telephone jammer to protect the confidentiality of conversations on the road or in the car (ie, if it is a portable cellular jammer), then it will protect your information within a radius of 8 meters. Signal blockers or GSM jammers, in fact, are noise generators or noise generators. In their radius of action, they interfere with the various radio frequency signals generated by the CDMA, WI-FI, or GSM networks.

Each GPS, GSM, Wifi and BlueTooth jammer can be used in your car, home, or office. All radio signal jammers are easy to use even for the untrained person and the battery is easy to charge from the mains or car cigarette lighter. There is also a compact version of GPS jammer without built-in battery, which plugs into a 12 V car cigarette lighter.

More and more often, cell phones and wireless Wifi and Bluetooth jammers are used in schools, universities, and other educational institutions. Blockers GSM, Wi-Fi, BlueTooth do not allow undisciplined and careless students and applicants to disturb the teacher with extraneous conversations and games, and even more importantly, do not give the opportunity to give information received via GSM Wi-Fi and BlueTooth channels for their knowledge. GPS/GLONASS satellite jammer.

GPS jammer

GPS signal suppressor – what is it?

Using a GPS tracker, you, or your car can be tracked anywhere, anytime. If you suspect you are being tracked, you can purchase a communication suppressor that blocks the GPS signal. There are portable jammers – they are equipped with a rechargeable battery that can provide this device with quite a long runtime. Signal jammers can also be plugged into the cigarette lighter to eliminate tracking your car.

Thus, if you value your information and its leakage can harm you, we advise you to purchase a signal jammer. Using a cellular jammer, GPS signal jammer, or other devices, you protect yourself and your loved ones. GP5000 Car GPS jammer, navigation jammer –

There are many useful applications of GSM jammers, including such vital ones as a counteraction to radio-controlled bombs and explosions. You have seen more than once in movies how a radio-controlled bomb installed in a car explodes after a call to a cell phone. Cell phone signal jammer jams transmitted signals in a given range of frequencies.

Offered GPS trackers jamming devices as well as handset jammers have high enough power and can be used even in trucks and large intercom rooms. At the same time, even the signal jammers with built-in batteries are small enough to be used discreetly and placed in a briefcase or even a jacket pocket without attracting the attention of others.

GPS blocker

GPS Signal Suppressors

Almost all types of wireless communication have undoubtedly benefited mankind. But at the same time their effect can be directed against the person. When it comes to transmitting information, especially sensitive information, no one can be certain that others will not take advantage of it. To protect your information as well as your privacy, you need to use devices known as signal jammers.

Signal jammers and their functions
There are a wide variety of different communications jammers available. They are capable of blocking the operation of cell phones, such as a cell phone jammer. They also interfere with eavesdropping devices – bugs, as well as video cameras. Some jammers also block the work of GPS trackers. Signal jammers work with almost all types of wireless communications – GPS, GSM, 3G, WI-FI, and Bluetooth. These are just the most popular types, but you can also pick up a jammer for almost any frequency.

How does a cellular jammer work?

A cellular jammer is also called a noise generator. Its job is to create so-called “white noise”. This makes it impossible for wiretaps to transmit the information you are protecting instead of your conversation. Silencers are either mains or battery-powered and have a different range. Portable devices can block the signal in a range of up to 20 meters, and stationary devices – up to 50 meters, although there are suppressors that work in a radius of 150 meters

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