Evolving Technologies’ EvoCam system is based on the bare essentials required to perform safe and efficient minimally invasive procedures. Whenever possible standard off the shelf components are used in place of costly custom made components. EvoCam uses a laptop as the basic support system for power, data storage and transmission, visual display and collaboration capabilities.

Existing endoscopy devices are designed to function in a stable non-mobile operating room setting with reliable power supply. By contrast EvoCam is lighter weight and smaller and can be carried in a backpack to remote clinics and easily transported in a medical center between operating rooms. EvoCam has low energy consumption and is powered by a laptop battery allowing field operations and operations in areas with un-stable electric supply.

Finally, with fewer parts EvoCam is more robust than competitors’ complex and feature-ridden systems.  The EvoCam is designed to be field serviceable, such that a non-technical person can easily repair and maintain the device in remote locations with off the shelf components.

The picture above shows an early EvoCam prototype and below is our latest design

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